Last updated 09.05.2020

A pilot run of spreadit has now been launched and is active.


You are residents of a fictional, small village of Switzerland, Rettenbreit. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the Swiss government has applied several measures to slow the spread of the pandemic. As such, you currently only have access to basic activities and public transport - all leisure activities are suspended until further notice.

The still functioning businesses in Rettenbreit are the two grocery shops, the post office, and the two pharmacies of the village. Public transport is limited but still functional – it includes the train station and a train with two wagons commuting on the most used route. Also running is the bus that passes through the main street of the village.

As Rettenbreit is famous for being one of the few villages with multi-floor buildings, many people do make frequent use of the elevators at their homes.

You have been further encouraged to use spreadit to allow the medical specialists to quickly identify COVID-19 outbreaks in the still functioning locations, and find ways to alleviate them.

Instructions for residents of Rettenbreit


You can download the spreadit app by requesting to be added to the tester list. To do this please contact us at spreadit <at> eggze.com with an email we can send an invite to.

The app does not require any special permissions other than the usage of your camera to scan the QR codes. The complete privacy policy covering usage of spreadit can be found here, and also within the app itself. In case of a newer version being available, you will be prompted to update from the app itself.


We produced Location-QR codes, including their categorization, for each of the locations a resident of Rettenbreit could visit during the pandemic, and which would contribute to unknown contact transmission.

You can download the Location-QR codes for these locations as a PDF you can print as one A4 page. Every time you intend to visit one of these locations, you can voluntarily scan the corresponding QR code.


One A4 page PDF available below (click on the image for the PDF).

Testing for COVID-19

Between the first and second week of using spreadit, residents of Rettenbreit will begin to get tested for COVID-19. You will find Test-QRs corresponding to available tests in your area in this section. As test availability is limited, tests will be provided at a first-come first-serve basis.

Approximately a day after being tested, you will receive your test results via the spreadit app. If you are positive, you are advised to contact the medical centre you were tested for further instructions. The medical centre can also offer you the option to voluntarily provide your User ID if is deemed necessary for tracing result accuracy.

If you find that the Test-QRs provided here have all been used, you are advised to wait until a new Test-QR is made available by checking this section.


Not yet available.

Contact-tracing notifications

The app will notify users that were found to have been in the same location as a positive-tested spreadit user in the past 15 days, together with all occurrences this has happened. Contact tracing results are updated once or twice daily.