Last updated 03.12.2020

The pilot is now open. Please visit the Pilot section and help us test the system.


spreadit is a complete, open-source, contact tracing solution that is designed to guarantee both your privacy and your data security.

How does it work?

Use spreadit to scan a Location-QR with the spreadit logo. On a bus, at a store, anywhere you see one. Get notified when a COVID-19 infected user was at the same place.

Scanning your tests

If you choose to scan your COVID-19 Test-QR, spreadit will notify you with the official results as soon as they are available.

Your privacy

Your data is completely anonymised and securely communicated.


spreadit is built to support the Federal Office of Public Health efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 through crowdsourced, community-driven unknown contact tracing in what we call unsafe locations.

We strongly believe that when the effort to contain the virus is solidary, collective, and crowdsourced between us all, there is no need for continuous, passive tracking of the population.

spreadit uses QR codes to record the instances where you visit unsafe locations. These records are encrypted and securely trasmitted to a backend system.

spreadit's functionality will be suspended after the pandemic subsides.


For an explanation of the data collected and how it is used, please visit the Privacy Policy section.

To find out why we chose QR scanning over Bluetooth/BLE or GPS technologies, please visit the Why QR? section.

For a detailed description of how the spreadit system is ensuring your anonymity and data privacy, please visit the System Design section.

Source code

The spreadit system is open source, licensed under the AGPL3. The source code for the android app implementation is available at https://github.com/eggze/spreadit-android/

A collection of useful links (frequently updated).

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